The Interfaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland (IFCMD) is an inclusive coalition of organizations, associations, and LGBTQIA individuals and their allies, open to all faith and spiritual paths, traditions and communities.

IFCMD is dedicated to nurturing and educating individuals and communities to support them in their journeys toward full inclusion of LGBTQIA people at all levels of all spiritual and faith communities and of broader society.

We sponsor a number of activities, including interfaith services, and have published a Welcoming and Inclusive Ministry and Resource Directory.


For more information about our programs and activities, please visit our Programs page, and our Interfaith Directory page.

The Interfaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland (IFCMD) owes great thanks for an initial grant received from the Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church allowing it to be established.


IFCMD owes great thanks to the grants it has received from Brother Help Thyself, allowing it to provide educational programming and support to more of the LGBTQIA community and it's allies.

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