Interfaith Calendar

The goal of this calendar is to include as many dates important to faiths and people of faith around the world as possible.

Please note that we are in the process of researching the corresponding Gregorian Calendar dates for the coming year, so currently only a list of events in a general order and the approximate months is included here.  Eventually we hope to include brief descriptions of the dates as well.


New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

Sharaf (Honor) -- Baha'i

Chanukah ends -- Judaism

Feast of Yemaya - (Orisha of Motherhood) -- Ifa & Candomble

Holy Innocents -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Imani (Faith) -- Kwanzaa

Eid Al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) -- Islam

Feast Day of St Basil -- Orthodox Christian

Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus -- Catholic Christian

Gantan-sai (New Years) -- Shinto

Imani (faith) -- Kwanzaa

Mary, Mother of God -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Agatha -- Patroness of Firefighters

Twelfth Night -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Christmas -- Orthodox Christian

Epiphany -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of Three Kings -- Latin American Christian

Festival of Amaterasu -- Shinto

New Moon (Moon of the Wolf / Hunger) – Druid

Festival to Sarasvati -- Hindu

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus -- Catholic Christian

Midwinterblot -- Norse

Surya - Goddess of the Sun -- Hindu

Month of Sultan (Sovereignty) begins -- Baha'i

St. Knut's Day (Day to burn the Christmas Tree) -- Norwegian Christian

Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. -- 

Feast of St. Sebastian -- Catholic Christian

Eid of Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) -- Islam

Feast of St. Timothy -- Catholic Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Tu B'Shevat (New Year of the Trees) -- Judaism

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas -- Catholic Christian

Feast of the Valkyries & Norns -- Norse


Eleusinian Mysteries -- Greek Pagan

Feast of St Briged (Bridget) -- Celtic, Anglican, & Catholic Christians

Feast of the Circumcision -- Catholic Christian

Candelaria -- Santeria

Candlemas -- Celtic Christian

Eleusinian Mysteries -- Greek Pagan

Feast of Juno -- Roman Pagan

Feast of Oya (Orisha of Change) -- Ifa

Feast of Presentation -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Briged (Bridget) -- Kildare Christians

Imbolc -- Wicca

Eleusinian Mysteries -- Greek Pagan

Feast of St. Blais - Curer of Colds -- Catholic Christian

Mid-Winter Ceremonies begin -- Iroquois

Roger Williams Day -- Founder of American Baptists

Birthday of Joseph Priestley -- Unitarian/Universalist

Feast of Artemis -- Greek Pagan

Feast of Fools -- German

Feast of Selene -- Greek Pagan

Mulk (Dominion) -- Baha'i

Carnival -- Portuguese Christian

Mardis Gras -- French Christian

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Hare. Cutting and Quickening.) -- Druid

Ash Wednesday - Beginning of Lent -- Catholic and Western Protestant Christian

Feast of Apollo -- Greek and Roman Pagan

Lent begins -- Christian

Muharram (New Year 1426) -- Islam

First Vision at Lourdes -- Catholic Christian

End of Mid-winter Ceremonies – Iroquois

Saint Valentine's Day -- Christian

Birthday of Galileo -- 

Festival of Changing Woman begins -- Navajo

End of the Festival of Changing Woman -- Navajo

Full Moon -- Wicca

Ayyam-i-Ha begins -- Baha'i


Ayyam-i-Ha ends -- Baha'i

Feast of St David - Patron of Wales -- Anglican Christian

Ala (loftiness) -- Baha'i

Maha Shivaratri (Fast Day) -- Hindu

Freedom Day - Day Slavery was abolished worldwide (1927) -- 

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh --) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Boar / Seed Time) -- Druid

St Patrick's Day - Patron of Ireland -- Catholic Christian

Feast of Osayin (Orisha of Plants) -- Ifa

Feast of St Joseph -- Roman Christian

First Sunday of Easter Fast -- Orthodox Christian

Palm Sunday -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Baha (Splendor) -- Baha'i

Eostar (Spring Equinox) -- Wicca

Naw Ruz (New Year) -- Baha'i

Feast of St Gabriel - Patron of Communications and the Internet -- Christian

Maundy (Holy) Thursday -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Feast of Oshun (Orisha of Love) -- Ifa

Feast of Quan Yin -- Buddhism

Feast of the Annunciation -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Good Friday -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Purim -- Judaism

Holy Saturday -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Easter Sunday -- Christian

Lent ends -- Christian


Feast of Fools -- 

Feast of Veneration -- Orthodox Christian

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Fox / Changes) -- Druid

Jalal (Glory) -- Baha'i

New Year -- Hindu

Festival of Ridvan begins -- Baha'i

Mawlid an Nabi (Birthday of Mohammed) -- Islam

All Loa & Orisha -- Ifa

Feast of Ogun - (Orisha of Warriors) -- Ifa

Feast of St. George -- Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Pesach (Passover) begins – Judaism

Pesach (Passover) ends – Judaism

Feast of St. Mark -- Catholic & Anglican Christian

9th Day of Ridvan (Festival of Paradise) -- Baha'i



Beltaine -- Celtic Christian

Beltaine -- Wicca

Pascha -- Orthodox Christian

Festival of Ridvan ends -- Baha'i

National Day of Prayer – Interfaith, United States

Feast of the Ascension -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) – Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Hawk / Fires and Flowers) -- Druid

Pentecost -- Orthodox Christian

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) -- Judaism

Yom HaZikaron         -- Judaism

Yom HaAtzmaut       -- Judaism

Remembrance of Julian of Norwich -- Catholic Christian

Feast of Ochossi (Orisha of Animals) -- Ifa

Pentecost -- Catholic & Anglican Christian

Feast of St Brendan the Navigator -- Celtic, Roman, & Anglican Christians

Azamat (Grandeur) -- Baha'i

Festival of the Trinity -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Declaration of the Bab -- Baha'i

Full Moon -- Wicca

Saga Dawa Duchen -- Tibetan Buddhist

Vesak Puja - Buddha Day -- Buddhism

Corpus Christi -- Catholic Christian

Feast of Augustine of Canterbury -- Catholic Christian

Feast of the Venerable Bede -- Anglican Christian

Lag b'Omer -- Judaism

Ascension of Abdul Baha -- Baha'i

Feast of Augustine of Canterbury -- Anglican Christian

Ascension of Baha'u'llah -- Baha'i

Feast of St Joan of Arc -- Catholic Christian

Feast of the Visitation -- Catholic Christian


Feast of Sacred Heart -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Boniface -- Catholic Christian

Nur (Light) -- Baha'i

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Youth / Reign of the Sun) -- Druid

Feast of St Barnabas -- Catholic Christian

Feast of Eleggua (the Crossroads) -- Ifa

Feast of St Anthony of Padua -- Catholic Christian

Shavu'ot (Pentecost) 1st Day -- Judaism

Shavuot (Pentecost) 2nd Day – Judaism

Feast of St Basil the Great -- Orthodox Christian

Feast of Babaluye (Orisha of Healing) -- Ifa

Feast of St. Uriel The Archangel -- Kabalist Christian

Feast of St Alban -- Catholic & Anglican Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Litha (Summer Solstice) -- Wicca

Feast of St. John the Baptist -- Roman Christian

Rahmat (Mercy) -- Baha'i

Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul -- Roman & Anglican Christian

Feast of Ogun - (Orisha of Iron and Warriors) -- Ifa



New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Hound) -- Druid

Martyrdom of the Bab -- Baha'i

Kalimat (Words) -- Baha'i

Full Moon -- Wicca

Feast of Mary Magdalene -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St. Christopher -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St. James (Santiago de Compostela) -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Anne (Mother of Mary the Virgin) -- Catholic Christian


Kamal (Perfection) -- Baha'i

Lammas -- Celtic Christian

Lughnassadh (Lammas) -- Wicca/Neo Pagan

Black Madonna -- Ifa

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Horse / Lughnassadh) -- Druid

Transfiguration -- Catholic & Anglican Christian

Tisha B'Av – Judaism

Feast of the Assumption of Mary -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Helena (Mother of Constantine) -- Catholic Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Asma (Names) -- Baha'i

Celebration of Queenship of Mary -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St Bartholomew -- Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and Orthodox Christian

Festival of Sri Krishna -- Hindu

Feast of Augustine of Hippo -- Catholic Christian

Beheading of John the Baptist -- Catholic Christian


New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Moon of the Harvest / The Cauldron of Plenty) -- Druid

Feast of Yemaya - (Orisha of Motherhood) -- Ifa

Ganesha -- Hindu

'Izzat (Might) -- Baha'i

Feast of Nativity of Mary -- Catholic Christian

Feast of Oshun - (Orisha of Love) -- Ifa

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross -- Catholic & Anglican Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Feast of St Matthew -- Catholic Christian

Mabon (Fall Equinox) -- Wicca

Feast of Obatala - (Orisha of Wisdom) -- Ifa

Mashiyyat (Will) -- Baha'i

Feast of St Wenceslaus -- Catholic Christian

Feast of St. Michael and All Angels -- Catholic & Celtic Christian


Feast of the Guardian Angels -- Catholic Christian

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Stag Moon / The Wild Hunt) -- Druid

Rosh Hoshana (New Year) 1st Day – Judaism

Rosh Hashana (New Year) 2nd Day – Judaism

Feast of Orunmila - (Orisha of Prophecy) -- Ifa

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (Blessing of the Animals) -- Catholic Christian

Ramadan begins -- Islam

Yom Kippur -- Judaism

Feast of Orunla (Orisha of Devination) -- Ifa

'Ilm (Knowledge) -- Baha'i

Full Moon -- Wicca

Sukkot (Feast of Booths) 1st Day – Judaism

Sukkot (Feast of Booths) 2nd Day – Judaism

Sukkot (Feast of Booths) 1st Intermediate Day – Judaism

Birth of the B'ab -- Baha'i

Feast of Erinle - (Orisha of Healing) -- Ifa

Shemini Atzeret -- Judaism

Simchat Torah (Rejoicing over the Torah) -- Judaism

Feast of the Ancestors -- Ifa

Reformation Day -- Lutheran

Samhain (Summers End) -- Wicca



Divali (Festival of lights) -- Hindu

Feast of All Saints -- Christian

Day of the Dead -- Ifa, Santeria, & Voudoun

Day of the Dead -- Latin American Christian

Feast of All Souls -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of Elegua (The Gatekeeper) -- Ifa

New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Snow Moon) -- Druid

Eid Al-Fitr (Ramadan Ends) -- Islam

Qudrat (Power) -- Baha'i

Birth of Baha'u'llah -- Baha'i

Full Moon -- Wicca

Presentation of Mary -- Catholic Christian

Cecilia -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Qawl (Speech) -- Baha'i

Thanksgiving -- American Interfaith

Day of the Covenant -- Baha'i

1st Sunday of Advent -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of St. Andrew -- Catholic Christian


New Moon (Rosh Chodesh ---) -- Judaism

New Moon -- Wicca

New Moon (Oak Moon) -- Druid

2nd Sunday of Advent -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of Shango - (Orisha of Justice) -- Ifa

Feast of St Nicholas -- Catholic Christian

Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) -- Buddhism

Feast of the Immaculate Conception -- Catholic Christian

3rd Sunday of Advent -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Masa'il (Questions) -- Baha'i

Feast of St Lucy -- Catholic & Norse Christian

Full Moon -- Wicca

Feast of Babaluye - (Orisha of Healing for AIDS, Smallpox, and Plague) -- Ifa

4th Sunday of Advent -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of St Thomas -- Catholic Christian

Yule -- Celtic Christian

Yule/Winter Solstice -- Wicca

Christmas Eve -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Christmas -- Christian

Feast Day of the Nativity -- Catholic & Protestant Christian

Feast of Elegwa (the Divine Child) -- Ifa

Chanukah begins -- Judaism

St Stephen's Day -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Umoja (Unity) -- Kwanzaa

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) -- Kwanzaa

Holy Innocents -- Catholic & Episcopal Christian

Ujima (Collective Work) -- Kwanzaa

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) -- Kwanzaa

Holy Family Day -- Catholic Christian

Nia (Purpose) -- Kwanzaa

Kuumba (Creativity) -- Kwanzaa

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