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The IFCMD publishes the IFCMD Inclusive and Welcoming Ministry and Resource Directory that was featured on the Maryland Public Television Presentation of Anyone and Everyone.


The Directory currently has over 200 organizations.


This directory is carefully researched as all groups listed have individually contacted us with names, current phone numbers, email addresses and other essential information with permission for the printed edition. This is not a blind list gleaning other publications but by request only.


Listing in the directory is free of charge to all Religious and Community Service groups who wish to be listed.


Your Support is Needed!

Contributions toward this effort are always welcome, as production and maintenance is expensive. The Online edition was produced in part through grants from the Religious Outreach of the Human Rights Campaign and Brother Help Thyself, who we thank profusely for their generous support.


We cannot continue our work without ongoing contributions. While any amount is appreciated, please consider becoming a Directory Sponsor.


All organizations and individuals donating $50 or more in a fiscal year will be considered Directory Sponsors, and will be listed both on this Website and will be eligible to place an ad on the directory website.  In addition they will become dues paying members of the IFCMD.


For donation and sponsorship information, please visit our Contributions page.


How to Get There

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Directory Sponsors 2007 Edition


Bet Mishpachah Congregation


Brother Help Thyself Inc.


Davies Memorial Unitarian-Universalist Church


Margery Donn


Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Religion and Faith Program


Edward F. Kobee and Al Usack Jr.


Rick and Barbra Ransom


Edward Sillers


Pat and Charles Tomkins

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