Due to the changes in the Web and the almost continuous updating of news that is now possible, in addition to the prohibitive cost of physical mailings, we have discontinued the newsletter in favor of occasional mailings to individuals upon request and an ongoing YahooGroups announcement list. The following policies apply.


1.     IFCMD welcomes all Op-Ed, GLBT Welcoming religious organization news, sermons, and human rights announcements. Any member or interested party may contribute by sending email to for it to be posted.


2.     If you wish to join our announcement list, please join at


3.     Once you have been added, you can contribute articles and other announcements.


4.     Please note, however, that we are not a dating service. There are other forums for social interaction. Please use them.


5.     Copies of past newsletters are archived and are available upon request.


William Palmer

The IFCMD Communications Team

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